Go! Koo's! Scott in Athens, GA is nice Scallen... Wicked. Simon's Rock College has no TV.

I thought it'd be neat since I got a laptop computer, to send in tour diary entries while I'm on the road, as things happen. So, if for some reason, you want to know what I'm up to, or if you saw me play in your town recently and want to know what I thought, read on.

Hey! Click on a particular tour to read Atom's tour diary of that particular trip:

May - June 2003 European Tour

February - March 2003 U.S. Tour

April 2002 attempted tour of eastern Canada

March 2002 trip to the west coast of the United States from Philadelphia (3 weeks)

January 2002 trip to Florida and back (10 days)

Spring 2001 United States tour (2 Months)

Winter 2001 Upstate N.Y./New England trip (5 days)

Fall 1999 Entire U.S. Tour (10 weeks)

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