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NOTHING Kiernan from Maine made this. You da man.
What is wrong with the
people from Franklin's faces?
Spring 2000
Atom near Lee.
Summer 2000
You da man.
Late Summer 2000
chubbier than that actually Mailman thinks less of you now. smelly head of poopI am Them This year Halloween fell... I made it with him
Not as buff. Thanks Jeremy
February 1999
It says fart detector on it. It was a postcard that
someone who will go unnamed received.
March 1999
Where is everything?
April 1999
Summer 1999
Me, Scarface, Willie D. and
August 1999
I made it with him.
Winter 1999-2000
Blorf me and bushwick have a lot in common. Cinderella's from Philadelphia Bad Breath Blorf Bike Bort Bot Fudge Rounds beware, Mike is here.
My Head Hurts... Blorf
August 1998
Made funny by Fred Hanson
September 1998
Made funny by Jeff Walker (I Am Fred Coury)
October 1998
Taking Credit For Other's Work
November 1998
Danny Lutz... take it.
December 1998
Beward Fudgie, Mike Montage
January 1998
Brian is funny I am Ugly. Mrrrllgh
Brian is Mirrory
May 1998
Atom is Ugly
June 1998
The Packettes:Great Moves, Bad Posture
July 1998

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