Here are links to a web sites that have an Atom and His Package interview, an article about us or something related to Atom and His Package. Werd. I shall add more as I discover them, a'ight? If you know where other items I may want to add here are, please email me, Atom. Thanks.

This is a really excellent, thorough article, by Patrick Rapa that appeared in the Philadelphia City Paper in February 2003.
Here is the picture of my grandmother holding the issue of the Philadelphia City Paper that contained said article.
Grandma is very strong and can pick up Atom's head without a problem.
This is a piece by National Public Radio journalist Neda Ulaby that was aired on at the end of July 2002. You can hear the piece via the internet! Exciting!
This is an interview with Tommy Avallone (filmmaker, mayoral candidate in Hadoiawen, NJ)
This is an interview with Croatian on-line zine Backpackrock.
This is an interview with Twenty/Forty on-line Magazine.
This is an interview conducted by Shoebox of Worm Quartet for Torpedo on-line Magazine.
An interview discussing the end of Atom and His Package with Megan Curran for the new on-line magazine Abinka.
An interview with German on-line magazine Beatpunk.
An article for 30 music on-line magazine.
An interview for Pulse Weekly on-line magazine.
An interview/article for Drowned in Sound on-line fanzine.
A review of 'Attention! Blah Blah Blah' in on-line Splendide Zine.
A write up in the Reno Gazette-Journal in err... Reno, NV.
An article by Bill MacDonald for the Independent Journal in Orlando, Florida.
An interview with me for San Diego Punk on-line zine.
An interview with me for Harlem Live on-line zine.
A really nice article about my stuff in Ink 19.
A really nice review of Redefining Music at The War Against Silence.
On-line zine Drowned in Sounds's review of the Atom and His Package, Good Clean Fun etc. show in London, England on 2/22/2001
An article that appeared in the Village Voice, and calls me a 'fucker' a whole bunch of times
...article in the Philadelphia City Paper... a really long time ago

A link to a live set I played on WPRB as a guest of excellent DJ Jon Solomon (My Pal God Records guy)
A link to a video of me playing Punk Rock Academy at my last show on 8/29/2003 in Philadelphia. To access on a PC, right click this link and 'save target as' and then open saved file.

A link to an interview with English on-line fanzine Pennyblackmusic.
A link to an interview Free Refills zine

A link to an interview with a San Diego Punk webpage

A link to an interview with Mundane Sounds zine
A link to an interview with Nicole's website.
A link to a good interview with Contrarian Times on-line zine
A link to an interview with the Virginia Tech newspaper
A link to an interview with Lazy-I on-line zine
A link to an interview and show review with Synthesis on-line.
A link to an interview with Lo-fi pop underground on-line zine.
A link to an interview with Nada Mucho on-line zine.
A link to an interview with the one and only Taelor Barrett.
...with Line and Ink on line fanzine.
...with "Inter (Music) View" on
...with on-line zine "Punktuation"
A link to a site with an MP3, that 'Doctor Who' made using samples from Atom and His Package instrumental 'For Chris and His Connor' and layering some other stuff too. Click on the 'March of the Elves' MP3 when you get to the page.

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